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RUN4CHILDREN 2016 - Wrap up

The Run4children 2016 campaign is wrapping up today. This year's donations raised nearly 10,000 USD which will be invested directly to support vulnerable children and families in the four countries crossed during the race: Gambia, Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry. Thank you all for your generous support!

We are pleased to inform you that the sporting challenge to run 4 marathons in 4 days in 4 countries of West Africa has been raised with success by Olivier Geissler.

Olivier even ran 172 km to raise awareness on children on the move and raise funds.

To support the challenge raised: by payPal and credit card on or payment slip

Watch the movie

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Day 1 – First marathon in Gambia
The race went well, without rain, but with high humidity.
The arrival took place in Farafeni with a welcoming committee including many children.
After the first marathon accomplished, a meeting took place with MAEJT Africa and the media in Kolda, Senegal

Day 2: marathon in Senegal
The race went well in the beautiful region of Casamance. The weather was always warm and humid but less stuffy than in Gambia.
He finished the race in Salikégné, a border village in Guinea Bissau where the whole village was there to welcome him.

Day 3: Third marathon in Guinea Bissau
Successful race despite the high humidity. It finished in the small village of Madina paiama near the Guinean border with reception by traditional leaders and children.

Day 4: Marathon in Guinea Conakry
Olivier completed the last race and arrived in Pita at the end of the fastest marathon (4h14) thanks to the more clement weather on the Guinean plateau. His watch showed an impressive 172km total distance covered and he was in good physical condition. Olivier was happy about this great human adventure that took him through 4 West African countries. The landscape and sceneries were particularly inspiring during the last race.

This sporting challenge provided an opportunity to talk about the mobility of children and in each country crossed sensitized local communities thanks to meetings with the different actors and the press.

Olivier was able to give a short retrospective of this adventure during the first day of a West Africa Network (WAN) regional coordinators meeting on August 1st. A film produced by Remi Willemin was also shown to portray some of Olivier’s journey during this sporting achievement.

Many thanks to the people, near and far, who supported the 2016 Run4Children edition.

Pictures from Guinea Conakry will soon be online. Movie and pictures by Rémi Willemin